Denim 101 Part 2 -Get the "skinny" on Fall 2021 Denim Fits

Dad jeans for women

Something that’s come out of the pandemic is taking an everyday look and turning it into a style icon, which is how “dad” jeans became such a thing this year. The joy of these 90s-inspired, loose-fitting jeans is you can wear them with basically anything and they’ll look great. For fall, dad jeans pair well with an oversized blazer or statement jacket. 

Mom jeans

With baggy legs and a high waist, mom jeans are the ideal denim trend for fall 2021, for anyone wanting to tuck in their shirts, T-shirts and blouses once again. With their vintage-inspired wash and tapered leg, mom jeans might look straight out of the 90s, but no one will ever accuse you of not being on tend for fall when paired with ankle boots and an over-sized blazer or leather jacket. Mom jeans for the win!

Girlfriend jeans

Not to be confused with mom jeans, girlfriend jeans offer a slimmer silhouette and avoid the ultra-high waist the mom option offers. Instead, girlfriend jeans provide a choice of high, mid-or low-rise waists and are fitted rather than baggie around the stomach and thigh. The girlfriend jean can also be found in a variety of washes, including black, and levels of distress and rips.

High-waisted jeans

This is where it can get confusing, because while all mom jeans are high-waisted, not all high-waisted jeans are mom jeans. Got it? When it comes to denim trends for fall 2021, a well-fitting pair of high-waisted jeans is a win-win, because they’ll elongate your lower body, giving you a longer, leaner look. Again, a high-waisted jean is just begging for a T-shirt or top you can tuck in, because what’s the point of this popular streetwear look if it’s covered up? That’s one of the reasons cropped tops are such a popular addition to these jeans. Also, avoid short boxy jackets and instead pair your high-waisted jeans with a longer coat or blazer. Pro tip: make sure your high-waisted jeans aren’t too wide at the bottom or you’ll look like a triangle.

Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are designed to look like you just slipped on your best guy’s favourite denim, but in reality they’ve been crafted to hug your curves in all the right places and still offer a slouchy, relaxed fit When it comes to denim trends, the boyfriend jean really took off when iconic pinup girl and actress Marilyn Monroe wore a pair of Levi’s in the 1960’s movie, the Misfits. And, there’s been no looking back, with the look eventually recreated specifically for women. The boyfriend jean, ripped or not, can be paired with anything and still look classic, so think T-shirts, sneakers and a bomber jacket for a casual look, or heels, a dressed-up blouse and trench coat or blazer for evening.

Cropped, flare jeans

If you’re looking for a jean to show off your fall footwear, look no further than a cropped, flare version, which ideally sits right above the ankle. And, while a frayed hem has been an extremely popular finish this summer, you’ll want a proper hem for heading back to the office or lunch with the parents — you don’t want them to think your dog chewed them. And remember, just like that famous Dolly Parton quote, “the higher the hair, the closer to God,” the wider the flare, the higher the heel. We’re loving this Liverpool scoop pocket, kick flare version for fall.

Bootcut jeans

They’re baaaaaack! Not that a great bootcut jean has ever gone out of style, but this year they’re back at the top of every fashion blogger’s list of the best denim trends for fall 2021. And what’s not to love about the way this cut hugs your bottom and thighs, before tapering out to create a flattering silhouette. One of the joys of this fit, is it can be paired with a simple T-shirt and cowboy boots for a favourite fall 2021 streetwear look, or a jacket and serious pair of heels for dinner out. Paired with heels, these bootcut jeans makes your legs look long and lean.

Skinny jeans

When skinny jeans for women began making appearances on the runway and in fashion magazines circa spring 2005, many fashionistas bet they’d be gone by that New Years Eve due to the select few who could actually fit into them. But, what we’ve since discovered is there’s a skinny jean made for every woman, no matter her shape or size. And the good news is, they’re super flattering on almost everyone — just don’t get us started on the men’s version. When it comes to the top denim trends for fall 2021, the skinny jean is not going anywhere. Here’s one of our top picks.

Gaucho jeans

The first rule of gaucho jeans is to not confuse this classic style with the “denim culottes” discussed in this summer’s hilarious rom com, Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar.

A little trickier to style than skinny jeans, the wide-legged, cropped gaucho pant pairs best with a fitted top, which you can tuck in — or not. The knee-length look for fall means gaucho jeans and pants are practically begging you to show off those new knee-high boots and flats you’ve had tucked away in your closet, just waiting for their debut in public. For fall, this denim trend looks great with a blazer or cropped jacket or sweater.

Premium denim: is it worth the investment?

One of the joys of a good pair of jeans is, no matter what the denim trends for fall 2021 are, there’s a pair available at every price point.

But, when it comes to a great pair of jeans you’ll want to wear for years, premium denim is the way to go. Here at Lolly’s, we consider the purchase of a pair of jeans in a premium denim an investment, similar to that of a well-constructed jacket or that one dress you’re able to pull out of your closet for any occasion, which still looks as classic today as the day you bought it.

That doesn’t mean you have to take out a second mortgage on the house to buy those must-have jeans, which is where Articles of Society, available at Lolly’s, found a niche in the market by creating a line of premium denim available at affordable prices. Seeing a missing link in the denim market, Articles of Society launched in 2012 with a goal to create jeans made of quality denim at prices that don’t break the bank.

Articles of Society uses the same high-quality fabrics, fit standards and craftsmanship as its contenders, whose jeans retail for up to four times their price. As veterans in the denim industry, the AOS team brings that insider knowledge and practicality to the business, lending the company a significant edge over its industry peers.

In pursuit of creating a unique and influential brand, AOS has committed to transforming the denim industry by offering the fashionable, budget-conscious consumer with premium denim, which is not only cutting-edge, versatile and iconic, but also affordable.

Also available of Lolly’s are Jag Jeans, famous for their quality, comfort and contemporary style. By producing affordable, great-fitting jeans, flattering to women of all shapes and sizes, Jag Jeans has an almost cult-like following of loyal customers who’ve grown to trust all the brand has to offer, including its slimming pull-on line.

 Here’s the skinny on premium denim

According to numerous fashion gurus from across Canada and the United States, premium denim is defined as a pair of jeans starting at $100 or more.

The work “premium,” does not just describe the finished product, but the production process from start to finish.

A premium garment is also expected to use high-quality fabric manufactured locally. So, a quality U.S. or Canadian-made jean should be manufactured from denim made in those same countries or at least in North America.

Premium denim is much thicker than less-expensive, ready-to-wear jeans, so holds its shape and lasts longer. As well, premium jeans with stretch in them include more natural fibres than the less-expensive version.

Durability is also a must when it comes to quality denim, so consider classic styles that remain a favourite and won’t look dated in five years. A great example is the Abby skinny, which you’ll be able to wear for years to come.




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