Let Denim Trends 101 be your guide to buying the best pair of jeans you’ve ever owned



After more than a year at home — and we’re guessing largely spent in “athleisure” wear — when it comes to denim trends for fall 2021, you’re going to want to step out of your comfort zone with a new look, whether that’s with baggy, skinny, flared, straight or bootcut jeans.

That’s not to say jeans aren’t comfortable — instead we’re talking about your personal comfort zone — even if that includes high-waisted, acid-washed “mom” jeans. Seriously, when it comes to denim trends, all the fashion-forward kids have embraced this one.

But, have you also considered this season’s “dad” jean, a slouchy, straight-legged version, which, while having been around as long as denim itself, is fast becoming one of the most popular streetwear looks for fall 2021?

When exploring denim trends for fall 2021, it’s important to remember that when it comes to finding just the right silhouette, the team at Lolly’s likes to encourage our customers of every shape, size or height to embrace any and every look — and we’ll help you style it to perfection.

But, with so many looks and such little time in our busy lives, you have to wonder where to start. To help you fall fashionistas make the right decision when it comes to adding the perfect jean to your wardrobe, the team at Lolly’s has created some helpful tips we like to call Denim Trends 101. 


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