Daydreamer Pink Floyd T-Shirt Dress

The Pink Floyd early days. Formed in London in 1965, the young band were regulars at the spontaneous underground ‘happenings’ on Sundays at the legendary Marquee club. Over the spring of 1966, the group were still playing at the Marquee, as per usual, and spotted by their future managers Peter Jenner and Andrew King.

A significant turning point for the group, the Marquee in London is a historic spot for many, but especially Pink Floyd. This T-Shirt dress includes the exact Bob Masse art print that was used across the concert posters to promote Floyd at the venue in the 60’s.

Featuring a British woman sipping some trippy tea, it’s proof that the group has always kept things visually intriguing. And in case it wasn’t obvious - you can easily wear this commemorative poster style all day long, including to bed. So easy, right?