Jenny Bird


Jenny Bird Toni Ring Set

Toni Ring Set- Two Tone

Wear this set stacked or separate. A wide two-tone ring set that can be worn on any finger including a pinky ring. Dipped in both 14k gold and silver with a high polish.

  • thicker ring: 14K gold ion-plated
  • skinny ring: silver dipped 
  • finish: high polish

Product measurements: 

  • thicker ring height: 0.15" / 0.38cm
  • thicker ring width: 0.33" / 0.85cm
  • thicker ring weight: 0.40oz / 11.2g (based on size 7, will vary slightly per size) 
  • skinny ring height: 0.11" / 0.27cm
  • skinny ring width: 0.15" / 0.37cm
  • skinny weight: 0.13oz / 3.71g (based on size 7, will vary slightly per size)